Hunting Wirehaired Pointing Griffons

aux lake zz can't top this DN

ZZ Top



Sweet ZZ was born right here in our home on October 27, 2016, when we whelped the Aux Lake "Z" litter.  She was the girl we decided to keep for our own and we've always been sure we made the right decision!

2 years old

ZZ had a distinct aversion to the show ring and a number of other things as a puppy.  While we waited for the litter to arrive, we wished for a girl like her mother, Belle, and we got one - silly, goofy, quirky, sweet, beautiful, and loving. 

olympic athlete

This girl loves to swim.  Water temp makes no difference to ZZ.  She's in the pond, swimming laps, just for the fun of it.  Next best thing?  Loping circles in the field, preferably with the rest of the pack on her heels.  

The "DN" at the end of her name is her Dock Novice title.  Dock diving is the perfect fun activity for a girl who loves the water!

ZZ's Hunt Training



ZZ is making huge progress in her "Whoa" training.  We have a training table in the living room and ZZ often jumps up there on her own, because she enjoys her whoa training!



Along with whoa training comes fetch training.  While standing in a whoa, ZZ is learning to hold whatever is put into her mouth until she is released.  Here she is learning to accept a live duck, who returned to the duck pen unharmed.



Of course, water-loving ZZ loves any reason to get into the water!  She has matured so much and really seems to enjoy her hunt training.  We are very optimistic that she'll soon be ready for an AKC JH test!

ZZ Documents

ZZ AKC Registration (pdf)


ZZ OFA Hips (pdf)


ZZ OFA Elbows (pdf)


ZZ OFA Thyroid (pdf)


ZZ Dock Novice Title AKC (pdf)