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jett out of the blue

German Shorthaired Pointer

Out of the blue

When Kim learned about a 4-month-old German Shorthaired Pointer puppy who was living with an inactive couple who were overwhelmed by the pup's energy level, she went to meet the people and the pup.  When Kim left, she was several hundred dollars poorer and had a screeching GSP puppy in a crate in her SUV.

We named her Jett because she flies around as if she were jet-propelled, and Out of the Blue, because she was unexpected.  We were fortunate that we were able to register her with AKC (and NAVHDA soon). 

Without her Griffy sisters to help her burn off her boundless energy, we would be beating our heads against the wall.  We also have 20 acres for runs and a pond for swimming.  She is super high-strung and nervous in new situations, but we are working on it.

She is a gorgeous girl, and extremely photogenic.  Because there are lots of black and white GSPs at NAVHDA events, it came as a surprise that her color disqualifies her from being shown in AKC conformation events.  We are going to NA test her this year and we see lots of raw natural ability, so we expect her to do well!